Monster Themed Printables

For a while I was seriously lacking inspiration on what theme to do next. I decided to look and see if I could find any free images that could be used for commercial purposes. I stumbled onto My Cute Graphics and found so many cute things! The clip art is available for personal use and for teachers who create things for Teacher's Pay Teachers.

I chose to use her monster images first since it's close to Halloween. I've made a few things for classroom decoration but I also have some ideas for center activities. I've got a lot on my plate at home so I haven't made too much but here are a few things

Monster Alphabet
These can be used on a word wall, bulletin boards, or for center games.

No Homework Passes
These are great incentives for good behavior and keep you from having to buy and store prizes.

 Monster Job Chart Pieces
 These have common classroom jobs as well as some blank cards for you to personalize.

Monster Money
This is cute if you have a classroom economy system

Monster Punch Cards
(Sorry for the small image) These can be used to track completed homework or good behavior.

All of these printables can be found at my TPT and Teacher's Notebook stores (links are on the right side of my blog). As always, I'd love to hear feedback. Let me know if there is something in this theme (or my other themes) that you would like me to make or if you would like me to make something similar in another theme.


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