I Have/Who Has Gave *FREEBIE*

I took up a little time to make a small freebie for my shops. It's not much but I'm hoping some can find it useful. It is a game of I Have/Who Has based off of irregular plural nouns. This packet contains cards for a game of "I Have/Who Has" with irregular plural nouns. The words included are: mice, cacti, men, oxen, women, deer, fish, sheep, feet, geese, and teeth.

To play students read their card which will read I have (plural noun) who has the plural of (singular noun). Whoever has the match will then read their card and play continues until all cards have been read. If you have a small classroom this game would be great as a whole class activity. If not, you can use this in small groups or even as a center.

You can download this freebie at my TPT shop or Teacher's Notebook Shop. If you enjoy this or any of my work please follow my blog to keep up to date with new products. I plan to post a new one soon!


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