Monday, May 2, 2016

Teachers Pay Teachers Appreciation Sale!

Hi, just a quick note today. From May 3rd- May 4th, TPT will be having a Teacher's Appreciation Sale! You can save 28% on my items by using the code: CELEBRATE at checkout.
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Friday, April 15, 2016

Teachers Pay Teachers News!

   Wow, so I'm really not good at keeping up with my blog. I'm really trying to change up my look and my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Eventually I'd like to change up the look here as well. I need to figure out how to make my own template.

   Anyways, I have uploaded a new profile picture for TPT and I'm quite happy with it. This time EVERYTHING in the image was made by me (clip art and font)! It took me a while to get it right but I *think* it is how I want it now. Here it is:

It is circular for TPT, but I left it like this for my store button. I don't know why but I think sloths are adorable! 

   In other store news: I've been working on more interactive notebooks. I am going through science themes and making activities to go along with each one. So far I only have two uploaded. Here is what I have so far.

   I have a couple more ready to upload, just waiting to test it with my students to see how it goes. Once I have tried them with my students I will be posting interactive notebook pages for Light and Force & Motion. Make sure you follow my store to get updated. Seeing as I'm really bad at updating my blog, you'll have better luck with updates if you follow my store. 

   One last thing I've uploaded lately is a clip art bundle. I may work on more clip art bundles this summer if I can think of some themes. 

   Before you leave I have a request. I am trying to win some free resources for my classroom. Educents is having a giveaway of up to $5,000 worth of products from their site. It would be a big blessing if you could vote for me everyday until May 6th. Working as a missionary teacher means I don't have much money to spend on extra things for my classroom. Please visit here and vote for "Sarah P's Wishlist". 

Thank you!!
Friday, August 28, 2015

100 Follower Giveaway!!

I've had a great summer vacation and I'm gearing up to start the school year on Monday. I haven't had time to update my blog, but I have been adding a many new resources to my Teachers Pay Teachers store!

One of my newest products. You can find it here.

This month on TPT has been amazing. I have not only exceeded my highest month's profit, but I have also reached over 100 followers!!

To celebrate I am having my first Rafflecopter giveaway. This giveaway is for any $5 or less item in my store. The contest will start on August 30th at 12 am and will run until Saturday, September 5th at 12 am (EST). Winner will be contacted via e-mail.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Earth Day Freebies for Kids!

Earth Day is April 22nd, how will you celebrate this year? 

I'm hoping to be able to get my students out of the classroom and work on a classroom garden next Wednesday. I really hope the weather permits. If not I'll definitely be looking into some of these Earth Day Freebies! I'll use some of these through the week for more Earth Week fun!

10 Earth Day Freebies for Kids

  1. Earth Day Sort - Help kids learn the difference between reducing, reusing, and recycling!
  2. Happy Earth Day Writing Activity - Kids of all ages can reflect on ways their family, school, and themselves can help keep the Earth healthy. Also encourages handwriting practice!
  3. Earth Day Coloring Pages - Creative kiddos can color the Earth with their colors of choice, or follow the color-by-code page to add critical thinking to art hour.
  4. Earth Day Poof! Subtraction to 5 - This Earth Day themed game builds fluency with subtraction facts to 5. It can be played in a small group or as a partner game. It is a fun way to practice those facts!
  5. Earth Day Word Search Freebie - Enjoy this Earth Day themed word search puzzle with 21 eco-friendly terms like atmosphere, compost, and recycle.
  6. Earth Day Bookmarks - The perfect Earth Day treat for your students. Available in full-color and black-and-white.
  7. Earth Day Survey and Graph - A fun and different way to practice graphing in your classroom while encouraging collaboration between students.
  8. Spring Coloring Book - Let your little ones COLOR & SPELL Spring words.
  9. Love the Earth Mystery Picture Graph - Students will love discovering the mystery picture by coloring in the correct squares on the alphanumeric grid using the coordinates given. This is a great addition to an Earth Day or recycling unit!
  10. April 2015 Journal - A month of free journaling for learners age 8 to 100! Read about important historic, artistic, and current events that happened during the month of April - including J. Robert Oppenheimer's birthday and Earth Day on April 22nd. Then develop vocabulary and critical thinking skills.
Want to turn your Earth Day celebration into an educational experience? Discover new ways to learn about the amazing planet we live on (without breaking the bank!) --> Earth Day learning resources.
Friday, April 3, 2015

Even More Exciting News from Educents!

Introducing the NEW Educents Marketplace I just received an email from the founders of Educents, Kate and Kaitlyn, with some really exciting news. Until today, Educents was a website for parents and educators to take advantage of daily deals. But those deals expired... And there were only 50 deals available at once... I wanted saving money to be even EASIER. Kate and Kaitlyn agreed. So they created the new Educents Marketplace. It’s even easier to discover affordable educational resources that make learning FUN! 168b9eb3-ef68-4b42-80a4-f3aa5cf66646 
Thousands of new products - Educents Sellers can now offer ALL of their bestsellers on the new Educents Marketplace. There's a wide variety of worksheets, lesson plans, educational apps and toys. Shop The Young Scientists Club, Scholastic, Workman Publishing, Alpha Omega Publishing, Life of Fred books, hundreds of printable units created by educators, and more! Offers that NEVER expire - Sellers can offer our favorite educational products year-round. Once a deeply discounted Daily Deal expires, you can still find that product available on Educents at the lowest price. Discovery - It's easier to search on Educents. Search for your kiddos' interests like Minecraft or Frozen-inspired resources, and then sort by grade level, subject, brand, and more!
Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Follower Freebie!

Wow, we are finally into the third quarter and I've still been super busy. I've added a lot of Journeys resources for 1st and 2nd grade but haven't had a chance to write about any of them. If you are interested you can view them here.

What I DID want to write about today is what we are currently learning about in science. I'm having a blast teaching my students about plants and gardens. We have planted seeds, looked at roots, seen colored water travel up the stem of a plant, and looked inside a bean to see the plant parts.

This week we are learning about a garden helper...earthworms! We read An Earthworm's Life by John Himmelman yesterday and wrote what earthworms can, have, and are. Today I had a cup of cooked and cooled spaghetti noodles (hidden in a paper bag, of course) for the students to feel. Their reactions were priceless...but about half of them figured out that it was really noodles. Tomorrow we will be reading The Diary of a Worm by Doreen Cronin. This brings me to the reason for my post...your freebie!

My students are already familiar with Venn Diagrams and some have even used them to answer open ended questions where they had to compare and contrast two things. If you would like to download this freebie you can find it here.
Friday, January 2, 2015

As Christmas vacation nears an end.....

I've finally gotten around to posting again! I have thoroughly enjoyed my break with my family. It's been a year since we've had a break this long! Working all through summer (with just a week before summer school and a week before fall for planning) has been rough and I desperately needed this break.

This school year has been very rough for me but I think this little break came at exactly the right time. It's rough teaching 2 grades and having to plan for everything (almost double) but I know it will be so much easier next year when most of the hard work is completed already. I hope all of you enjoyed your break as well and are refreshed for the new year with new enthusiasm for teaching.

I haven't really worked on much for school over the break. I told myself I could use this time to get ahead with planning but I decided family time was more important. I was able to make some interactive notebook pages for the next lesson in Journeys for my 1st graders. I just posted it on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is a little preview:

It includes:

 -Story Sequence Flipbook
-Vocabulary Flashcards for "How Leopard Got His Spots"
-Homophone flipbook
-"ch" and "tch" words flipbook

Click the picture if you want to see it in my store. I plan on making more of these as long as I can find the time. Make sure you follow my blog or store page to stay updated. Enjoy the rest of your break!