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Kindergarten Space Activities

Last week I led my students in learning about space. A few weeks back our Journey's theme was about what we can see in the sky. My students were very interested in reading about stars so I knew I had to do a study on space with them.

I won't go into too much detail because I'm short on time and don't want to bore you (I forgot to take pictures of most of their work so it would just be a lot of reading about our activities). I'll give a short recap of what we did.

Monday: KWL about astronauts, watched videos on YouTube about astronauts, and wrote about whether or not we would want to be an astronaut with a drawing of ourselves in space.

Tuesday: Learned some space vocabulary words from a Prezi I made, completed a space words syllable practice booklet together (a resource I found at Just Another Day in Mrs. Tabb's Class), and each student matched vocabulary words to pictures (found at the blog above also).

Wednesday: KWL about the moon, watched some songs about t…