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I'm back....and some of my Thanksgiving products.

So, I haven't posted since July. Ooops!

Life got very busy with teaching summer school then 1 week of planning before normal school started back up. I'm actually teaching kindergarten this year, not 1/2. I'm VERY happy with the way things worked out. My students are great!

I just got through completing my first round of report cards and I'll be meeting with parents this Friday for conferences. My students are very bright so there are only minor things that I'll need to discuss with parents. I have one student who won't even be 5 years old till March and is already reading at a beginning first grade reading level! Our school is fortunate to have an awesome pre-kinder teacher who really makes sure the students are continuously learning as much as they can. If you don't know I'll remind you...these students are NOT native English speakers. Amazing!!

Anyways, enough bragging about how fortunate I am :) It is beginning to get into my favorite season for teac…