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I Have/Who Has Gave *FREEBIE*

I took up a little time to make a small freebie for my shops. It's not much but I'm hoping some can find it useful. It is a game of I Have/Who Has based off of irregular plural nouns. This packet contains cards for a game of "I Have/Who Has" with irregular plural nouns. The words included are: mice, cacti, men, oxen, women, deer, fish, sheep, feet, geese, and teeth.

To play students read their card which will read I have (plural noun) who has the plural of (singular noun). Whoever has the match will then read their card and play continues until all cards have been read. If you have a small classroom this game would be great as a whole class activity. If not, you can use this in small groups or even as a center.
You can download this freebie at my TPT shop or Teacher's Notebook Shop. If you enjoy this or any of my work please follow my blog to keep up to date with new products. I plan to post a new one soon!

Thanksgiving Theme Play Dough Mats

Once again I was inspired by clip art from My Cute Graphics and chose some of her Thanksgiving clip art to make these play dough mats. There are 11 sheets with a word and coordinating clip art. Words included are: turkey, harvest, pie, family friends, Pilgrims, corn, feast and Native Americans.

Laminate or put in page protectors and add play dough for a fun kinesthetic spelling activity. You can also use these as decoration or coloring sheets. You can find them at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop and my Teacher's Notebook shop for $1.00 till the end of November.

Monster Math Center Packet

I just added a math center packet to my stores! It is monter themed with the cute graphics from My Cute Graphics. It is geared towards 1st grade and each of the four centers is based off of a Common Core standard. 

Sweet Subtraction (1.OA.1) contains 5 cards with subtraction word problems. Monster Measures (1.MD.2) contains 5 monster cards for students to measure using candy corn icons (included in packet). Monsters’ Munchies (1.MD.4) is a graph of the monsters' favorite candy with 6 questions about the graph. Monster Match (1.G.1) is a matching game. 5 cards have monsters with a shape name and students must find the picture card that matches. Also included is a student answer sheet to record all answers.
The packet is on sale for $4 for the rest of October!

Monster Themed Printables

For a while I was seriously lacking inspiration on what theme to do next. I decided to look and see if I could find any free images that could be used for commercial purposes. I stumbled onto My Cute Graphics and found so many cute things! The clip art is available for personal use and for teachers who create things for Teacher's Pay Teachers.

I chose to use her monster images first since it's close to Halloween. I've made a few things for classroom decoration but I also have some ideas for center activities. I've got a lot on my plate at home so I haven't made too much but here are a few things

Monster Alphabet These can be used on a word wall, bulletin boards, or for center games.

No Homework Passes These are great incentives for good behavior and keep you from having to buy and store prizes.

 Monster Job Chart Pieces  These have common classroom jobs as well as some blank cards for you to personalize.

Monster Money This is cute if you have a classroom economy system


I've decided to start yet another blog (after consolidating 2 of my blogs into 1 and deleting another). This blog is solely dedicated to teaching! No, I'm not teaching in a professional sense right now but I am still developing things for the classroom so I'd like a way to tell everyone about it.

I am currently a stay at home mom to two adorable boys. My oldest just turned 2 last month and my youngest will be 4 months in a couple days. When I'm not taking care of them or the household chores I like to try and dedicate some time to creating teacher materials. The plan is that I'll be going back to work next fall so then I will have even more to post about (and more inspiration for projects as well).

I have shops at Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher's Notebook. Please check them out, leave feedback, follow, and (if you really want to help me out) buy! You can always find links to my stores on the right hand side but I'll also be featuring items in future post…