Monster Math Center Packet

I just added a math center packet to my stores! It is monter themed with the cute graphics from My Cute Graphics. It is geared towards 1st grade and each of the four centers is based off of a Common Core standard. 

Sweet Subtraction (1.OA.1) contains 5 cards with subtraction word problems.
Monster Measures (1.MD.2) contains 5 monster cards for students to measure using candy corn icons (included in packet).
Monsters’ Munchies (1.MD.4) is a graph of the monsters' favorite candy with 6 questions about the graph.
Monster Match (1.G.1) is a matching game. 5 cards have monsters with a shape name and students must find the picture card that matches.
Also included is a student answer sheet to record all answers.

The packet is on sale for $4 for the rest of October!


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