Curriculum This Year: Math

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Alright we have officially started homeschool as of a week ago (hence the lack of posts). I am back with another post about curriculum today. Next in our homeschool schedule is math, so that's what I'll be talking about today!

Math is not a subject I'm too concerned about teaching. Not that I'm NOT going to teach it, but I don't think I'll need to much to teach my boys. My oldest enjoys math more than reading and can do most of his work on his own (at least currently). My oldest has been in school for 2 years already and already has a grasp on beginning kindergarten concepts. I had looked into a few different options and then saw that my school where I was teaching had some leftover workbooks for K-3 math! My husband asked our principle if we could take them (or pay for them). He let us take one of each grade!

So for math we are working our way through Purposeful Design (ACSI) K and 2. I'll probably have them go through a bit faster since my oldest is good with math and my youngest has already learned early kindergarten concepts.
                                                         Purposeful Design Math 2

We don't have much as far as supplies go yet. I have had the boys use mini erasers as manipulatives to help them with their work. My oldest hasn't needed to use them, but my youngest did use them for a pattern activity.

Since I'm an Independent Usborne Consultant now, of course I want to add some fun from all of the books they have available! These are some that I have on my wishlist to buy:

 Second Grade Math Center Kit

If you would like more information about any of the Usborne books I posted, check out my Facebook VIP group and send me a message. I can post some videos about what the books look like inside!

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