Curriculum This Year: Bible

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     As I mentioned previously, this year I will be homeschooling! I'm super excited and have spent way to much time trying to plan out what I wanted to do! Though it is similar to prepping for a new school year, it is a whole lot different when you don't have someone telling you what you have to teach and which curriculum you need to use!

     These next few posts I'll be telling a little more about the curriculum (or types of activities) I'll be using this year. Today I'm going to talk about what we'll be doing for Bible.

     Since we've been planning to homeschool for almost 2 years, I've done a lot of searching to try and find the right fit for each subject. My husband and I really like the Classical Approach to teaching, so many of the subjects will (hopefully) go along with that model. For Bible I decided to go with Veritas Press Bible. It looks fairly easy to implement and still allows me to be creative and change up activities depending on what my boys want to do.

     I found the Genesis Through Joshua Flashcards used from another homeschooler first. After looking through the cards decided I wanted a *little* more guidance to help me figure out what to do. I quickly found the Teacher's Manual in CD form to help me out a bit. As the year goes on I'll be posting some of our activities here if you would like to follow along. If you would like to know more about the Veritas Press Bible curriculum, you can click the link below to see it on Amazon.


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