As Christmas vacation nears an end.....

I've finally gotten around to posting again! I have thoroughly enjoyed my break with my family. It's been a year since we've had a break this long! Working all through summer (with just a week before summer school and a week before fall for planning) has been rough and I desperately needed this break.

This school year has been very rough for me but I think this little break came at exactly the right time. It's rough teaching 2 grades and having to plan for everything (almost double) but I know it will be so much easier next year when most of the hard work is completed already. I hope all of you enjoyed your break as well and are refreshed for the new year with new enthusiasm for teaching.

I haven't really worked on much for school over the break. I told myself I could use this time to get ahead with planning but I decided family time was more important. I was able to make some interactive notebook pages for the next lesson in Journeys for my 1st graders. I just posted it on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is a little preview:

It includes:

 -Story Sequence Flipbook
-Vocabulary Flashcards for "How Leopard Got His Spots"
-Homophone flipbook
-"ch" and "tch" words flipbook

Click the picture if you want to see it in my store. I plan on making more of these as long as I can find the time. Make sure you follow my blog or store page to stay updated. Enjoy the rest of your break!



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