Science Fair!

Our science fair is coming up soon and this year kindergarten-high school is participating! In the past, only the upper grades have participated but this year everyone but Pre-School and Pre-K will be taking part in the fun!

Kindergarten will be doing a class experiment. Since learning that we'd be participating I've been searching for something my students and I could do. The first idea I saw was to measure the temperature of different colors when set out in the sun. That would have been relevant seeing as we're getting close to our hot summer. Unfortunately I couldn't find enough thermometers around the school and we jumped into "rainy season" a week early.

My husband told me about Science Buddies and how you can take a survey to find a list of experiments that are suited to your preferences. After a few questions and scrolling through some experiments I found a great one! It's called the M&M Survival Challenge and it helps students to see how animals' colors help them survive in the wild. We've already talked about camouflage a couple months ago so I'm hoping this will be a great reminder.

I wanted an easy way to have my students participate in the beginning and end stages of the scientific method (not just the experimenting) so I created a little worksheet so they can write down their hypothesis, our results, and their conclusions. It's free in my TPT store!

I'll be doing this experiment tomorrow with my students and taking plenty of photos and video. I'll try my best to stop by here and write a summary of how it went. Stay tuned because I also want to put on a giveaway to celebrate reaching 50 followers on TPT!


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