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Homeschool Month at Educents!

Top Resources Loved by HomeschoolersIt's Homeschool Month at Educents! You may wonder why I would be posting about homeschool deals when I'm a classroom teacher. Well, next fall I WILL be homeschooling! Our family will be making a big transition. After 8 years of teaching in Japan, we will be returning the the states. In order to make the transition easier, I am going to stay home at teach my boys for at least a year. Our oldest has visited the states twice (once when he as only 10 months so I don't think he remembers it). Our youngest has only visited once. 

So, I have been researching homeschool curriculum and ideas and was happy to hear that this month is Educents Homeschool Month. Read below to find out about some of their great resources!

Are you looking for a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that's prepared with multiple subjects, or do you desire to supplement the curriculum you already have with additional trusted homeschool resources? You've come to th…