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This post contains affiliate links. Signing up and/or purchacing from my links allows me to get Edubucks from Educents so I can buy products for my classroom and my sons.

I received an e-mail from Educents stating that they were looking for reviewers for some of their products. I gladly signed up because they have many products that I can use either in my kindergarten classroom or at home with my oldest. Educents is a Education deal site that offers products for schools and homeschools. Some products are physical products that are mailed to you but they also offer downloadable products. If you have not signed up for Educents then you can do so here. (You'll receive $10 off your first order - no minimum purchase required!)

I was chosen to help review part of the Preschool Curriculum Bundle. You can find it here. The bundle is $29.99 and includes multiple downloadable files:
19 Downloadable Products
Regular Price: $106.00
Educents Price: $29.99
Percent Off: 71%

I received the Preschool Math portion of the bundle. It has really bright, cute graphics and many activities. I only printed out a few of the activities because of time (and ink) restraints. My printer said it was low on ink but as you'll see below the pages came out great. I printed everything on cardstock and laminated. My son is 3 and has been in pre-school since this summer. He's learning his numbers and beginning to count objects and identify numbers so I knew this pack would be great for reinforcement activities at home.

I unfortunately did not get to play with these much with him because my youngest came down with a stomach bug yesterday and is still not quite over it. I did cut out 1-3 of the numbers, butterfly cards, and clothespin matching. Below are some pictures as well as descriptions of how I used these with J.

 J is able to identify at least 1-3 and I know he can count higher. I had him look at the numeral and find the matching butterfly card.

Practicing one-to-one correspondence with the butterfly cards and butterfly manipulatives.

Clothespin number matching. He was able to find the correct numeral but wanted me to put the clothespin on.

I really wish I could have printed and done more with this set before the review but I wanted to get the post done on time. There are more activities available with just this one part of the Preschool Pack. It also includes:

-Patterning Cards: The graphics on this are cute little snails in a color pattern. The child finds the snail manipulative that would be next in the color pattern.

-Missing Number Game: The child determines what the middle, missing number is and puts the correctly numbered snail in the box.

-Shape Match: The child matches brightly colored shapes to the correct shape word (shapes are shown on the word cards).

-Color Matching: The child matches the colored butterflies to the correct color word (one set of black words and one set of colored words).

-Number Mats: A cute outdoor scene with a numeral. Children place the correct number of butterflies (seen in my pictures) on the mat.

Like I said, this is just one part of the pack of games and activities. Many of the packs would be good for early kindergarten students as well.

Thanks for reading! Hope you can find something great to fit your needs at Educents.


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